Friday, October 18, 2019

English for Beginners

Every exercise comprises of 5 sections (+/ - 20 min.): 

1. Jargon. Adapt new words and expressions, the manner in which they are articulated and pictures which match them. 

2. Talking. Practice your elocution. 

3. Tuning in. Match the image with a word or expression. 

4. Perusing. Pick one of the words or expression under the image. 

5. Composing. Make a word out of letters or put missing words in sentences. 

Make your very own arrangement of words. You can add words to your note pad that are hard for you to recall or that you requirement for your own utilization in the coming days. On account of an individual notebook, you can freely figure out which word to begin adapting, paying little heed to the theme. 

You can tweak the shade of the subject, pick the shade with which you will be progressively agreeable. 

You can set your individual timetable . Snap on the symbol with the clock and pick days and hours. You will have a sound and content update. 

You can pick your method of trouble: 

- just words 

- just expressions 

- together words and expressions in English 

- the quantity of words and expressions for one exercise 6 - 12 - 24 

- impair viewable signs (pictures) 

- debilitate sound prompts (articulation) 

- halfway close words

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