Thursday, September 12, 2019

Myanmar Clipboard Dictionary

Myanmar Clipboard Dictionary

The description of Myanmar Clipboard Dictionary

Myanmar Clipboard Dictionary (MCD)

For the individuals who communicates in Myanmar language and need a fast method to look into English words in English-Myanmar lexicon while utilizing another application, for example, internet browser or email. Speediest path is to duplicate a word from any application. 

Some application might not have duplicate capacity or the source archive may not be content. In such cases, a tick on notice symbol will bring a content box to enter a word to look for its definition. 

English words can likewise be turned upward via looking with Myanmar words....a switch gaze upward. Content to-discourse highlight of Android is utilized to tune in to the way to express the words, and the words can be put away for future reference. Question and answer contests are additionally added for the individuals who need to challenge themselves. 

I trust you would discover this application supportive in realizing whatever you have to learn in English language.



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