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Online CV Make for free

This Online CV Maker is created by Myanmar developer in order to help Myanmar people to create presentable CV forms.

Users can use this website to create beautifully crafted CV at no cost.

There are two kinds of the template, basic and advance CV templates.

To create a basic template, you don't need to create an account. In order to use an advanced template, you must log in by creating an account at the system.

You can try it visiting to GrabCV website.


SuSee (Myanmar Online Media Channels collection)


SuSee application will help you to read all the articles from famous Myanmar online media channels. Like ShweMom, Lwinpyin etc.

You can read all of the uploaded articles in one place.

Download from google Play Store

Direct Download link


LEO Learn English Online with Myanmar Explaination


LEO Learn English Online Application

LEO application is developed by Myanmar developer in order to help user to learn English in Myanmar explanation.

LEO application contains lesson on sentence structure and grammars.

You can learn English lesson from your mobile device everywhere and anywhere.

It is free to use application.

Download from Google play store

Direct Download link


Buddha Dhamma Apk


Buddha Dhamma Apk
version             4.8.6
size                  16.4 MB   
requirements     2.2+

The description of Buddha Dhamma

Buddha Dhamma" is the one and the first application about clear explanation of Buddha's sermons by some of the most respectful monks in Myanmar. In this application, Buddha's sermons which are written in PALI language are translated by monks in Myanmar language as daily notes. Buddhists are recommended to try out this application. Who knows it might make your day after reading a daily note?

-Daily updates
-Myanmar language
-Short and understandable notes
-Save your favorite notes
-Share notes on Facebook
-Real quotations from individual respectful monks.


Myanmar Unit Converter


Myanmar Unit Converter Apk

version                 2.0
size                     1.7 MB
requirements        2.3.2+

The description of Myanmar Unit Converter

ဤ mobile app သည္ ကို အေျခခံထား၍ offline ျဖင့္ အလြယ္တကူ ၾကည့္႐ႈရန္၊ တြက္ခ်က္ရန္၊ အသုံးျပဳႏိုင္ေစရန္ စီစဥ္ထားျခင္း ျဖစ္သည္။
လက္ရွိ version တြင္ ေအာက္ပါ အမ်ိဳးအစား (၃)မ်ိဳး ပါရွိပါသည္။
(၁) Length - အရွည္အလွ်ား
(၂) Mass - အေလးခ်ိန္
(၃) Volume - ထုထည္

This app is based on the information from "". This app can be used offline with the ability to easily reference, compute and use everyday. Myanmar Unit Converter will help you to convert the units from Metric, Imperial and Myanmar Traditional Measurement system easily. Keep in your phone and you can use it anytime when you need it.

There are 3 categories in this version.
(1) Length
(2) Mass
(3) Volume


Bagan Myanmar HD Wallpaper


Bagan Myanmar HD Wallpaper Apk
version                 1.0 
size                      7.1 MB
requirements         4.1+

The description of Bagan Myanmar HD Wallpaper

Bagan Myanmar HD Wallpaper is nice app which contains the best City pictures.
This application is created to allow you to have a night city wallpaper .
night city wallpaper is very easy to use and contains many features .
Features of the app :
1- the most important feature is that the size of the application is very small, since the integrated image in the application is on a server connected with the application .
2- Bagan Myanmar HD Wallpaper contains a very nice graphic .
3- you can share a picture of love with your friends or by facebook or instagram whatsapp .... or other network secial .
4- you can put the picture that you like as wallpaper without downloading the picture, just click "set as wallpaper".
and other features...
how to use :
- Bagan Myanmar HD Wallpaper is very easy to use, just open the app, and browse photos, and click "set as wallpaper" .
Check out this amazing new app that will take you on trips around the world and showcase the breathtaking scenery of the world's greatest cities, the City at Night Wall Paper! Explore main destinations in Bagan Myanmar HD Wallpaper! The stunning backdrop HD picture of exclusive hotels, expensive shopping malls, trade centers and flashing neon lights that light up the perfect city night will leave a speech! Go on a night tour of the city that lives its own life. Feel free to get lost amongst the big skyscrapers and download this Urban living wall now, for free!
- Amazing 3D live wallpaper for your mobile!
- City landscape Animated decorating your screen;
- Full support for landscape and home mode - switch screen!
- Stunning HD graphics;
- Social share button and more
- This beautiful, free and fun background is waiting for you!
- The motion blinks and the light keeps changing with time.
- You can choose from several different City Night background themes.
- Compatible with 99% of mobile devices.
- Bagan Myanmar HD Wallpaper Background Paper fully supports horizontal orientation and looks amazing on both phones and tablet devices.
You may not be able to pay to visit the world's top metropolis, but City at night Wall Paper will let you take a peek at a busy street in amazing cities from the most incredible perspective. It offers a panoramic view of the skyscrapers of the heart, which will make your head spin with excitement!
You will get a wonderful opportunity to see some of the most expensive cities on the planet. Cosmopolitan metropolises are famous for their skyscrapers, the tallest building in the world, the luxury hotels, the largest and the most expensive shopping malls, the rich nightlife and much more in just one stunning live wallpaper!
Visit the magical cities that have never slept with unique City at Night Wall Paper. Tokyo, New York, Toronto, Los Angeles or Paris, just pick your favorite destinations and unique high-resolution photos will take you among the extraordinarily high buildings that are almost reaching the sky! The bright lights of magical colors will dazzle you and you will be overwhelmed with the wonderful night scene from various cities. With this brand new live wallpaper you will get the chance to see and feel part of the excitement that these cities bring.
Stunning HD images of the city night will take your breath away and you will be hooked to live your new wallpaper with a beautiful night view of the metropolis. If you dream about this expensive and luxurious lifestyle is the perfect picture background for you! You will have the impression of actually being there, enjoying everythin the amazing cities have to offer! Incredible views of unbelievebly high skyscrapers, exotic hotels, flashing fluorescent lights and fancy architecture are now just a touch away!


Verb Myanmar


Verb Myanmar Apk
version              1.0  
size                   4.4 MB 
requirements      4.0.3 and up

The description of Verb Myanmar

if you know verb forms it is very easy to learn English.

Best App to learn and command verb.

English to Myanmar verb collection that lets you to browse words based on different category Word search like dictionary,
prepositions, idioms and phrases

This small Dictionary like word book will help you to increase your knowledge very smartly.

There are also lots of appropriate prepositions added with meaning.

Words are divided into categories so that you can learn them very easily.


Myanmar Law

Myanmar Law Apk

version             1.0.0 (latest version)  
size                  2.4 MB
requirements     android 4.1+

The description of Myanmar Law

Myanmar Law is an application designed to make it easier for you to study law according to your needs. and the mechanism in Burma

Law related to the entire population. And according to the needs of all general laws correcting the burden of the steering wheel. People want their journey to legislation about various mechanisms to go up my goal to achieve. In a short time so the trip will be the destination. The full rules of democracy are practiced, all of which are decided in accordance with the law in Burma.

As a result, individuals learn from the laws of each country must be read. their law and directly applied in each case must walk. So that the rules will be applied by law as citizens will maintain the rule of law. and at present more than 50 laws now offer are first introduced. They will be able to see some Free Law Will gradually increase the law to find out your opinion. The law will rule every plan.

For you, why is this "Learning Myanmar Law" application a unique application among all the other applications on the market? . Here are the features that make this application better than all Myanmar Law applications:
- Responsive and easy to navigate.
- More complete material
- Easy access to key issues in Myanmar Law.
- Search functionality helps you search terms easily
- Fast and lightweight application
- PDF form that is easy to read and clear


MM Currency App

MM Currency App Apk

version               1.0 (latest version)         
size                    1.7 MB  
requirements       android 4.4+   

The description of MM Currency

The app lets you see the daily exchange.
Applications API here is taken from the Central Bank of Myanmar.
Apps open Internet, and you can just watch them whenever and updated.
Design simple record.
Unless you put on your site no how to make a useful Apps hope.


Myanmar Weather App

Myanmar Weather App Apk
version                   3.0 (latest version)
size                        4.4 MB
requirements           android 4.0.3 +

The description of Myanmar Weather

Next 5 days weather forecast
Myanmar Weather 05 days, the weather in Myanmar Cities with one click

Myanmar Weather 05 days is a free weather application that allows you to track the weather in Myanmar and the area of your choice anywhere in the world (more than 1 Million City in the world)

Weather Myanmar is an intuitive and easy application, one click and you have the current climate of Myanmar and weather forecasts Myanmar within 5 days.

Myanmar Weather forecast is a very light android application which does not consume much of your smartphone resources.

Meteo Myanmar provides you with the following features:

- Detailed Display bulletin City of Myanmar
- Add and delete a new city (top menu on the left of the screen).
- Save a list of your favorite cities to track their climates later.
- Current state of the Myanmarc limate
- Weather forecast for your city up to 5 days
- Local time
- Time of day
- The humidity, pressure and wind
- Time and exact time of sunrise and sunset
- The current state of the climate, the temperature: high and low temperatures
- Temperature display in Celsius or Fahrenheit (configuration).

Weather Myanmar 05 days needs a wireless internet connection, 3G or 4G to detect your location and provide you with accurate weather forecasts.

-World Weather
-india forecast
- current location forecast
- any city Weather
-live whether
- sunset Weather